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A Glimpse Into the Benefits Of PGDM Course
A Glimpse Into the Benefits Of PGDM Course

A new academic year is soon going to arrive and graduate students are already into a dilemma of which course to choose. Management courses are now increasing in demand as they assure you of a high paid job and successful career. Though coping with is considered to be difficult, however the end result is fruitful.

The management students come across 2 ways, one is MBA or Master of Business Administration and the other one is PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management. There are many benefits of PGDMcourse as well as of MBA course; however both are not the same. 


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Learning the benefits of PGDM course

The basic and key difference between PGDM and MBA is that the former is provided by the autonomous bodies and not affiliated by the universities. And one of the most important benefits of PGDM course is that it is industry oriented and helps the students to get accustomed to the practical market. This is the reason why USA B-schools prefer to have PGDM students rather than MBAs.

Essentially, PGDM course is of 2 years which strictly trains the students to become business professionals. Investment, business economics, retailing, market structure and entrepreneurship are some of the fields that give a bright career to the students of PGDM course.

The program of PGDM also helps the students to study the key features of interpersonal behaviour. There is an opportunity given to perform within groups to understand the dynamics of human and move towards positivity. Leadership qualities, team management, time management, and such skills are taught to the students of PGDM.