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CNT Dispersion
CNT Dispersion

CNT Dispersion Technology Is In Various Fields Of Everyday Life

Carbon nanotubes are strong cohesive particles and they are very flexible by nature. They are not soluble into liquids like water, ethanol, oil, polymer or epoxy resin. Carbon nanotubes dispersion is used in adhesives, coatings, polymers and in electric conductive fillers.

 Using nanotubes, polymers are turned into more resistant against temperature, corrosive environments, extreme pressure and abrasion. There are three categories of nanotubes single-wall nanotubes, double-wall nanotubes and multi-wall nanotubes.

Variety of Carbonnanotubes Dispersion :

Carbonnanotubes are usually available in the market as dry materials. Ultrasound is one effective technology used in dispersion of Carbonnanotubes in water, oil and polymers at low or high concentration. Variations of CNT dispersion are available in different kinds of chemical formulation. MWCNT dispersion is another kind of nanotechnology. With the help of this, many products have been discovered so far.

The products use the formula C. There are different percentages of the prime formula and they are soluble in different liquids with different surfactants according to the proportion in the products. SWCNT dispersion formula basically offers two kinds of products. One is 3 wt% SWCNT in H2O and 3 wt% SWCNT in N-methyl-2 pyrrolidinone.

Application of nanotechnology :

Nano technology is being used in every field of life in the modern time. The medicine we take, the food we make or anything else of this kind, require nano technology. Nano powders are available in a very affordable price. These chemical solutions are helpful for the professionals. They can add extra resistance power to the applied objects. Carbonnanotubes dispersions offer one kind of powder and it has a range of usage in various fields.