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Get Help To Select Sikh Wedding Invitations
Get Help To Select Sikh Wedding Invitations

Sikh Wedding Invitation

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Sikh wedding is known as a special wedding, it is unique in its own way. The wedding happens in a temple simply and then the reception takes place that is full of music and dance. We call the Sikh wedding Anand Karaj; it takes place in Gurudwara in morning time in the front of the holy Guru Granth Sahib who is the ideal god of the Sikh community.

The bride and groom take the vow that includes that no matter what happens they would take care of each other in every situation and moment of the life, this ritual happens in the temple in front of the holy Guru Granth Sahib. Both bride and groom are already told about their duties for marriage. Once it is over, they both take the blessings of all. We know the Sikh wedding is special so the Sikh Wedding Invitations also should be special and unique.

Some characteristic about Sikh Wedding Invitations

The main feature of Sikh wedding cards is that they prefer the expensive and stylish Sikh Wedding Invitation cards. The cards can be handmade using velvet or silk. They prefer the design with stone work and the Kundan also for the Invitation for Sikh wedding to give it a classy look. The design looks elegant and the fonts are in calligraphy style that gives a special look to the Invitation for Sikh wedding.

Some more enhancements in Invitation for Sikh wedding

Sikhs also prefer adding poetry and rhymes which sometimes family members write them or the lines can be taken from well-known poems. Some Sikh invitation cards have the pictures of Bride and Groom or with their family. Sometimes, these types of cards also delivered personally by the family member to the special guests. They also send several other options as sweet boxes, envelopes with gifts. Sikh wedding is known as an affected affair where all the guests come well dressed and the marriage looks astonishing.

The wedding is not just limited to an astonishing wedding, it is full of energy and fun where they bring lots of liquor, music and Bhangra and luxurious foodstuff. The Sikh wedding is a big affair in itself and where all the guests participate in every moment and enjoy throughout the party.