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Application of Nanofibers In Medical Field: A Small Peek!


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Nanotechnology has proved to have many advantages and it is definitely one of the most impactful inventions in recent times. It is holding promise for many industries and one of it is medical field. The technology involves making things at nanoscale, so that the resultant products are tinier than a human hair.

Scientists and doctors are hoping that Nano medicine can even bring about a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer and can lead to better diagnosis, detection and even treatment of the disease.

Utilising nanofibers in biomedical and healthcare industry

Healthcare industry is one field where there is need for constant innovation. Biomedical field too is one such an area that being closely connected with healthcare, needs the help of modern technological inventions so that more effective and quick healthcare solutions can be devised. Nanofibers have come as a boon to the field. Of the many types of nanomaterials, these fibres are the ones that have proved to have much potential for the medical industry.

These fibres are made by different processes and from different materials. Depending on the process and the material used, they can have different applications. Fibres made from biodegradable materials have been proven to possess high surface area and porosity. It helps in the adhesion of cells can which help in making more effective drugs, thus making Nano fibres much more useful than their micro and macro equivalent.

Since these fibres can be made from various polymers, such as natural, synthetic, composites and inorganic, they are used in a variety of applications in biomedical and healthcare applications. Wound curing, tissue restoration, medical textiles, drug deliverance are some of them.