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Silicon powder
Silicon powder

Silicon powder- Used in Wide Range of Industries

A lot of industries as well as manufactures usually make use of silicon powders accompanied with other ingredients to produce different items. The moisture absorbing nature of this mineral and its thickening characteristics make it quite useful for various purposes.

However, foods, cosmetics, and construction materials are the three main areas in which the powder is used. As a matter of fact, silicon is one of the most abundant mineral on the Earth, and it comprise of quartz and sand, accompanied with other minerals. So, let us offer more details about it.
The Amazing uses of Silicon Powder

Quite obviously, silicon is obtained though the process of mining followed by grinding the stones into fine powders or granules.  Even though some companies produce synthetic silicon, however both categories commonly begin with silica sand. Non-food products may contain both kinds of silica, i.e. natural as well as synthetic.
Glass powders or quartz powders are produced when the silicon sand is heated to high temperatures and then melted. Once the melted silicon is cooled off then it takes the form of glass. And, this is the reason why silicon powder is always in demand by the artisans as well as manufacturers of glass.
Apart from glass manufacturers, even plastics, paints, PVC glue (polyvinyl chloride), as well as coatings used for preventing corrosion also contains silicon powders in good quantity.  In addition, some detergents as well as cleansers also encompass silicon powders as their main ingredients, mainly because of the fact that the powder possesses the feature of mechanical abrasion, which scrubs the surface of the fabric efficiently.

For this reason, whenever you are looking for detergents for washing rough and tough clothes then make sure the product contains silicon or silica powder as one of its ingredients.  
On the other hand, cosmetics also contain silica powder, but in small amounts. The powder helps your skin to remain fresh as it effectively absorbs the extra oil present on your skin.  So, those were some of the applications of silicon or silica powder. Always pick the right supplier who can deliver high quality silicon powders at reasonable rates.