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Special Islamic Wedding Invitation
Special Islamic Wedding Invitation

Islamic Wedding Invitation for Your Special Day

special Islamic wedding invitation

Want to attend a Muslim wedding? Well then what are you waiting for? Get ready to go for a Muslim wedding and have a great time. Weddings are indeed joyous occasions for family and friends. People from far and near make it a point to be present for the great day.

When a boy and girl decide to come together and get married it is indeed very joyous. However a lot of preparations have to be taken care of to ensure that all is smooth. Marriage invitation cards are the top priority.

Getting an Islamic Wedding Invitation printed is no longer a cumbersome task. One has to get on to the internet and look at the hundreds of options the net throws at you. With just a simple click one is able to get plenty of cards dancing on their screens. Different colors, shapes, sizes and designs woo you.

Get your ideal Islamic Wedding Invitation in a jiffy

Red, white, beige, maroon, orange, blue and pink are some colors available. Choose the color you fancy for your Islamic wedding cards. Round, square, rectangular, triangular are some of the shapes of cards. Choose your special Islamic wedding invitation for your great day.

A marriage contract is mandatory in Muslim weddings and is the only requirement of a couple getting married. It is indeed unique. The Nikah is the marriage ceremony where the groom and bride sign the marriage contract. The groom states his terms of the Meher and proposes to the bride in front of two witnesses.

The Meher is a part of the wedding contract. Here the groom gives a specific amount to the bride. Then they confirm the alliance by repeating the word Qubool and sign the wedding contract in front of the witnesses.